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1. Social Dances at the Indiana Country Club

Our club sponsors this series to provide ballroom dances in a casual atmosphere.  The goal is to enjoy and enhance our dancing skills.  The cost of $10 per person includes a dance lesson and light snacks.

1. Dancing_Kildow_BackusSocial Dances use DJs  with a variety of dance styles.  Each dance includes a free lesson designed to take dancers from the Basics to Beyond.  LET’S DANCE!  Click on THE INDIANA SOCIAL DANCERS ANNOUNCE link to see information on the 2016-17 Monthly Dance Events.

To request scheduling alerts and other information use the REPLY box at the bottom of this page.  (Drop-down boxes will appear for your name and email address — but NONE of your information will ever appear publicly.)

2. Ballroom Dancing Outside Indiana County

These dances are not affiliated with our club, but they have been recommended by some of our club members.    To view the list (note: document is being updated as new information arrives) click on:  Informal-Dances-Near-Indiana-County


3. Links to Dance Clubs and Related Announcements

Ballroom dancing can also be found by checking these sites:

(After viewing these sites, click the back button on your browser to return here)

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