The Indiana Ballroom Dance Club serves Indiana County, PA, and surrounding areas of western Pennsylvania.  The purpose of our club is to share the enjoyment of dancing, and to improve our dancing skills.

Our activities fall into the three categories of “Dances”, “Dance Lessons”, and “Practice”.  Please click on these topics at the top of the page for more information.  We hope you will choose to dance with us!  Click on “Membership” or “Guest” to learn about two choices for participating.

1. Dancing_WestleyIBDC: Your host for ballroom dances                                                         in Indiana, Pennsylvania.  We welcome                                                      dancers from throughout southwestern PA.

DANCE LESSONS ARE AVAILABLE                                            STARTING SEPTEMBER 13:

Click here for information on BEGINNING DANCE LESSONS:  Lesson Registration

Click here for information on INTERMEDIATE WORKSHOPS:  Workshop Registration